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Duane Kann
Rosenbauer is a premier fire truck manufacturer in the United States and all across the globe. The company specializes in all types of fire apparatus, including ARFF Vehicles manufactured for North America in Wyoming, MN. Check out the new Panther and see why Rosenbauer is an industry leader.
Lee Kleve
Emergency Reporting
Scott Simpson
Jerry Kirila
Kirila Fire
Roger Bloom
Industrial Emergency Council
Dr Rene Herron
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.
Geary Roberts
Steve Schwartz
Oshkosh Airport Products
Matt Pulfer
Brian Reyburn
Firetrucks Unlimited
ARFF Refurbishment, Rentals and Sales
Scott Beecher
Ward Diesel
Greg Geske
Waterous Company
Ryan Rollins
Elkhart Brass
Wes Schamle
Unruh Fire, Inc.
Unruh Fire specializes in building custom ARFF firefighting vehicles and skids. From stand alone high energy cold foam CAF twin agent systems to fully compliant rapid intervention vehicles and everything in between, we do it all.
Scott Hornick
Fire Combat
Paul Viskosky
Independent Pilots Assoc.
Bob Daigle
David Clark Company Inc.
Headset Intercom Systems for Fire/Rescue Apparatus (wired, wireless, analog or digital), with integration to two-way radios.
Chase Enterprise (Siam) Co., Ltd.
Richard Mitchell
When disaster strikes, it is too late to train Adacel’s AeroDRIVE ARFF module – FAA Part 139 compliant simulator training Anytime training – save wear & tear on vehicles, reduce impact on live operations Facilitate recurrent training, supplement written tests Contact us: 407-581-1560 or info@adacel
Philip Novac
Johnson Controls
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