STRX the New Multi-User Training Software

 STRX is designed to replace PowerPoint and tabletop exercises enabling you to build interactive training environments in minutes.

STRX is a user-friendly platform that saves valuable time and adds realism and interaction to lessons. It is a new training experience in a virtual setting where instructors and students collaborate seamlessly. You can control fires as well as hazards and move students through a combination of scenarios such as a plane crash, a fuel tank fire, a marine emergency, or a hazmat spill. With STRX you can take your team on a new journey where they learn many skills such as how to correctly position an apparatus or approach multiple types of hazards to name a few.

Train, collaborate, chat, talk, build, and create, all in one platform:

STRX, the new training experience by Structurus.

Fares Corbaci, Founder, Engineer – MBA DIC

Fares has an extensive and specialised experience in the safety and security sectors, he holds a mechanical engineering degree and an executive MBA (with distinction) from Imperial College Business School in London.

With over 17 years of experience, Fares has developed vast expertise in niche technology projects specialising in fire simulation, aircraft recovery solutions, and oil & gas protection solutions. Additionally, he specialises in strategy and his expertise comprises project management, strategic consulting, technology, and service design. He founded Structurus in 2016 in response to the growing need for specialism and knowledge in this field..